A History of Successful Innovation

The American economy faces unprecedented challenges, and property owners and government lessees alike are seeking solutions to their revenue, expense, and credit needs. Civic Finance Associates ("CFA") has developed unique financing structures which bring state-of-the-art responsible approaches to bear for the benefit of both by providing liquidity and credit to the government property leasing market.

Throughout its history, CFA has established an unmatched record of creativity and responsiveness, rooted in its understanding of the needs of property owners and tenants alike. It has successfully completed more than a billion dollars in transactions which have benefitted governments, non-profits and the private sector, and is committed to providing the structured finance solution that best meets a particular need.

Typically, the CFA approach combines the most useful features of corporate and public finance and applies them to the financing of real estate owned or occupied by government and non-profit organizations.

CFA created its Revolving Receivable Discount Program, which permits government vendors to finance contract receivables.

CFA also developed the Tax-Exempt Sale-Leaseback and Tax-Exempt Synthetic Lease to allow non-profit owners to finance their property off Balance Sheet.

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